I had a 10 year visa to China but lost the passport that has that visa. What should I do when applying for a new China visa?

In this circumstance you would need to provide a letter printed on a business letter head with an original signature. Please Copy & Paste the template below.


****Please print on company stationary****


Consulate General of: (country you are traveling to)

Consular Section


Dear Visa Officer:

This letter is to introduce (Name of Traveler), (Title), (Your Company Name). (Name of Traveler) has been employed by (Your Company Name) for (Duration of Employment). (Name of Traveler) is planning a business trip to (City and Country), Arriving on (Date of Entry), Departing on (Date of Departure), to conduct (Brief description of business trip).

(Name of Traveler) had a China visa in a previous (Nationality of Passport) passport, but no longer has the old passport in their possession. (Name of Traveler) is a (Full time/part time) employee of (Name of Your Company) and (Name of Your Company) hereby guarantees all travel and other support expenses of (Name of Traveler) during their trip.

Thank You

(Name) (Include ORIGINAL Signature


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