How can I get a flight crew visa for India ?

Pilots and the Members of the crew of non-scheduled airlines, chartered flights, Cargo Planes and Private jets, demonstration and trainer pilots, etc. should apply for Business Visa for India .

The requirements are listed below-

  • Signed passport 
  • India application form
  • Additional particulars form
  • US business letter with wet/original signature from employer
  • Invitation letter from India 
  • Certificate of incorporation of India company
  • Copy of airline crew identification badge
  • Copy of driver's license for proof of residence
  • CKGS waiver form
  • Visa waiver form

 You can apply for business visa for India by Clicking Here

1. Goto India application form link and choose the tab  (Regular/Paper Visa application)


2. Start filling the India application form 


3. Choose for purpose of travel (Crew members of Scheduled/Non Scheduled flights operated by Schedules airlines, Non-Scheduled and Charted Flights operated by Non-schedule airlines). Complete form, submit online, print it out and sign it.




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