What service is the DS-5504 passport application used for?


You may be eligible to use form DS-5504 if you need to:

  • change or correct your passport
  • change your name
  • or you need to replace a passport that was limited to less than 10 years validity (limited validity passport).


Data Corrections:

A passport issued with a data error (e.g., name, sex, or place of birth) or printing error (e.g., data is missing on the biographical page, discoloration, crooked printing, etc.) can be corrected at no charge if the passport is still valid.

To correct a data or printing error:
  • Complete Form DS-5504.
  • Submit form by mail with your passport, one color photo, and evidence of the error (e.g. your U.S. birth certificate showing the correct spelling of your last name).
  • You will not have to submit any fees.
The validity of the new, corrected passport depends on when you report the error.
If... Then...
Reported within one year of issue date The new passport will be valid for 10 years from the date it is issued.
Reported after one year of issue date

The new passport will be valid until the expiration of the original, incorrect passport.



Name Change:

You want to change the name on your current passport due to marriage, divorce.


If ... Then submit..
You are requesting the change less than one year after your passport was issued
  • Form DS-5504
  • Your most recent U.S. passport
  • Your original or certified name change document, such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order
  • One color passport photo



Limited-Validity Passports:

If issued less than two years ago:

Pending replacement of your naturalization certificate 

Ongoing change of sex marker


If issued less than one year ago:

Your limited passport was issued outside the United States in an emergency.


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