I am Applying for a first time passport through Peninsula Visa. Do I need a Cashiers Check or can I write my own Check for payment?


When applying for a new USA passport through Peninsula Visa, you must make a personal appearance at a Government acceptance office. You will have to make two payments at that time. There is one payment for the passport office fee and another for the sealed envelope execution fee. 

1.The Passport office fee may be paid by check, cashiers check or money order, payable to the "US Department Of State"
  • Passport Book $110 + $60 expedited fee. 


 2. The sealed envelope execution fee, may be paid by check, money order, debt card, or credit card. 

  • $35.00 - Post Office acceptance fee


3. Peninsula Visa Expedited Passport Fees and processing:

Business Days Service Fee
10 $199.00 + govt fee
6 $299.00 + govt fee
4 $399.00 + govt fee
2 $499.00 + govt fee



Government Acceptance Office Locations:

Click here to locate an Acceptance Office


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