What Is A Russia AIM Tourist Visa?

AIM  Tourist Visa is a SINGLE ENTRY special category of the Russian Tourist Visa that can be issued for conducting short-term business exchange, participating in exhibitions, auctions, and also in the case of medical consultation or examination. In this case, the Confirmation (aka "Invitation or Tourist Visa Voucher/Support)of hosting for a foreign tourist should indicate the purpose of travel as “Aim Tourism” in the necessary field, and the visa is issued for the time period that corresponds with the Confirmation (no more than 7 days). The notation on the Tourist Voucher must specifically state AIM Tourist and will appear in Russian as such:





When completing the online Russian Visa Application for this type of visa, you must indicate your Purpose of Visit (section) as "Tourism" and choose "AIM Tourist" in the Purpose of Visit field below that. Visa Category and Type will automatically populate as "Common Tourist". For Number of Entries, choose "Single".

All Russian Visas are DATE SENSITIVE that is, apart from the date of issue, they have a specific date when the visa will actually be considered valid for travel to Russia and a date when you must exit Russia. You can arrive only on the stated Entry Date or after, but NOT before, nor after the the stated Exit Date.









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