Apply for China Work Permit/China Temporary Residence Permit

China work permits are Z category Visas. These visas will be issued as a single entry valid for 30 days. When you enter China, you must go to the local Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to receive your work permit for the prearranged validity

You must obtain the following:

  • Original passport with at least six months validity remaining and a blank visa page
  • Copy of data page of passport
  • China Visa application form with original signature
  • China Visa photo 48 mm tall by 33mm wide. Some consulates accept a 2x2 inches photo
  • Copy of Drivers license, Utility bill, or other acceptable proof of residence
  • Work Permit for Aliens issued by the Chinese Labor Ministry or Foreign Experts License issued by the Chinese Foreign Expert Bureau
  • You must also obtain an Invitation letter from the company inviting you to work for them in China.
  • Non USA nationals must provide a copy of his/her USA legal status. 

Consulates may ask for proof of previously issued China visas, if any, or any other documents at their discretion.

A personal appearance may be requested at the discretion of the Consulate



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