About the Saudi Invitation Letter


A required document for a Saudi Arabia visa is an invitation letter.


How to Translate the Information on the Invitation Letter

Upon receipt of the invitation letter, you must translate it to English from Arabic to identify the following:

1. Saudi Mission | Consulate location, e.g. Los Angeles

2. Visa Type e. g Business, Commercial or Family 

3. Sponsor and Employer ID

Please provide both versions of the invitatiation letter, in Arabic and English


Steps to Translate an Invitation Letter:

1. Visit the following site: https://visa.mofa.gov.sa/

2. Once on the site, click on English in the left side of the page

3. Scroll down to the section titled, "Query"

4. Click on the box titled, "Search For" and select "Display Invitation Letter Data"

5. Enter the Invitation Letter number (located on the right, top portion of the invitation letter)

6. Enter the Employer ID or Sponsor ID (located on the left, top portion of the invitation letter)

7. Enter the Image Code and then click "Inquire"

8. You will be presented with the translated Invitation letter




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