What are the processing options available for a UK visa?

Peninsula Visa can hand deliver your UK visa application to the New York Consulate. We pay an additional priority processing fee (currently $291) to request the visa be issued in approximately 15 business days. This fee is in addition to the Consulate fee that the applicant will pay while creating the application form. This does not include additional fees for Fedex. ($40 each way for priority overnight delivery) The applicant would also have to have their biometrics (digital photo and fingerprints) captured prior to submitting documents to Peninsula Visa. The applicant would create an appointment at an Application Support Center as part of creating the application form.

UK visas can also be issued in five business days or less by making a personal appearance at one of nine Premium Application Centers.

The Silver package costs an additional $775. (5 day service)

The Gold package costs an additional $1800 (next day service)

Biometrics will be captured as part of that personal appearance at the premium processing center

The nine centers are located in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC.

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