Some Tips To Remember When Completing Your Online Russian Visa Application

The very first question: "Country (select the country where you will be applying for your visa)" will determine the choices presented on the last page  as to where the visa will be issued.  When applying in the United States, that would be correct choice from the drop down menu  and the next question "Hints and Help Language" , the choice from that drop down menu should be English.

You must create a unique case sensitive password that we will need to review your application. Please take note of the Application ID Number. This is very important!

If applying for the 3 year multiple entry Tourist Visa, or Business Visa,  you must have a minimum of 42 months of remaining validity on your passport. Short of that, this type of Russian Visa will be truncated to expire 6 months prior to the the expiration date of your passport. If you have the minimum of 42 months validity, your exit date should read as 3 years minus one day from the entrance date on the application (ie: 30June2020 to 29Jun2023). Conversely, if your passport is due to expire on January 30th 2022 ,  and your planned entry date is 30Jun2020,  your exit date should be entered as  30th July 2021. 

If Saint Petersburg should be a Russian city of destination for you, please do not abbreviate Saint as "St". Type "Saint Petersburg".                  

When completing the form online, ALL supplied addresses MUST be complete, that is with city, state and zip codes.

You must list 2 former places of work prior to your current place of work. If you do not have two previous places of employment prior to your current one, you write a letter of explanation to that effect. Letter should be addresses to Embassy of Russian Federation, Washington DC.

We strongly recommend that you only save the application as a draft and do not commit to print.  To ensure your Russian Visa Application is complete and correct, Peninsula Visa will require your Application ID Number, your Last Name, Date of Birth and your unique case sensitive password to thoroughly review your application and make any necessary modifications. We will then finalize (register) your application and email you the pdf version for print out ON SEPARATE SHEETS and signature. You may now the ship the signed application with your wet signature, your passport and one standard recently taken passport type photo (2" x 2") and all required supporting documentation.

Russian Visa Centre (Washington) would be the correct choice on the very last question as to the processing location for the visa.

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