About the Thailand Visa Application


The Thailand visa application is a one page application. The application may be typed or handwritten.  


Filling out the application

Explanations of each question on the application are listed below:

  • Name: Indicate your gender and list your name exactly as it appears in your passport. 
  • Former name: If you have ever changed your name, please list your old name.
  • Fathers name: Your Fathers Full name, including a middle name if he has one. 
  • Nationality: Your current nationality.


  • Nationality at birth: If you were born in another country under another nationality, please list your old nationality here. 
  • Birth place: Your Birth city and country.
  • Martial status: Write married, divorced or single. 
  • Date of birth: The Day, month and year you were born.


  • Type of travel document: Write passport. 
  • No.: Your passport number 
  • Issued at: City your passport was issued. 
  • Date of issue: The date your passport was issued.
  • Date of expiry: The date your passport is no longer valid.


  • Occupation: Please list your job title and company name in this section. 
  • Current address: This will be the address that you currently reside in. Please list the full address including city, state and zip code. 
  • Tel/E-mail: Please list your best contact number and E-mail address. 
  • Permanent address, Tel/E-mail: If your permanent address and contact information is different from what you listed above, please fill out this information. If it is the same, please write N/A


  • Names, dates and places of birth of minor children: Only complete this section if you will be traveling with minor children. If not, write N/A.


  • Date of arrival in Thailand: The date that you plan to enter Thailand.
  • Traveling by: Here is where you will list your airline. 
  • Flight no. or vessel name: Please find this information on your airline ticket and list it here. 
  • Duration of proposed stay: Enter the number of days you plan to stay in Thailand. 
  • Date of previous stay in Thailand: If you have been to Thailand, please list dates here. If you have never been to Thailand before, write N/A.


  • Purpose of visit: Please select wether you are traveling for business or tourism. 
  • Countries for which travel document is valid: If you have a passport, write "All".
  • Proposed address in Thailand: Please give the hotels name and address in this section. 
  • Name and Address of local guarantor: For business, please give your company name and address.
  • If you are traveling for tourism, write, myself and give your home address. Please include the city, state and zip code.

    If you have a physical address in Thailand, use that. If not, then just write down any hotel name  and address in Thailand.

  • Name and Address of Guarantor in Thailand: For business please give your inviters name, company name and company address in Thailand. 


At the top right hand corner of the application, you will find this section:


Please select "Non-Immigrant Visa" And indicate wether you will need single or multiple entries. 









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