Who is the outsourcing partner of the Indian Consulate in the United States?


All the India Passport and visa services previously through Cox and Kings Global Services as of October 14th 2020, have been discontinued with the shutdown of their operation.

The new service provider for the Indian Government in the United States will be VFS Global Services. The effective startup date is scheduled for November 02 2020.

The Consulate General of India, San Francisco will provide limited services in emergencies only as follows:

  • Emergency visa to the eligible categories allowed to travel to India as per the advisories issued from time to time by the Government of India. Visa applicants are requested to send an email to acovisa.cgisf@mea.gov.in requesting for emergency visa. On receipt of the documentation checklist, applicants are requested to carefully go through the requirements relating to the different categories of visa before submitting their applications.  The Consulate may request additional documentation wherever required.
  • For emergency passport services, applicants are requested to send an email to passport.sf@mea.gov.in explaining the reason. Only after approval from the Consulate, the application process must be initiated by the applicant.
  • OCI, Renunciation and GEP services will remain suspended till VFS Global takes over.

The official Press Release from the CGI (Consulate General of India) in San Francisco may be accessed here.

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