How do I obtain a Company Invitation letter for my Russia business visa?

You must obtain the  Company Invitation letter from a registered Russian host organization. This letter must be addressed to the Embassy in Washington, D.C.

If the tax ID in the letter starts with a 9, then a Certificate of Registration from the company must also be provided. An email or fax is fine.

This letter:

  • must be in Russian, and must be accompanied by an exact English translated copy.
  • can be a copy
  • does not have to be in color
  • must contain a company stamp or seal
  • must be on company letter head from the company you are visiting in Russia
  • must match the required information listed in our template 

The only countries eligible to apply with a company Invitation letter are the following:

United States of America or any country that is of the Schengen Union.  

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