What if I need to cancel and reapply for an Oman eVisa?

In order to cancel your Oman eVisa you will need to email : info-OmaneVisa@rop.gov.om

Attach your issued Oman eVisa along with the following information:

Full Name:
Visa number:
As small statement requesting for a cancellation of the issued eVisa.

The Oman support team will reach out to you and state: 


Your request to cancel the visa(s) has been completed.  You will be able to re-apply about 20 - 25 days before arriving in Oman.  If the system still stops you from applying saying there is an active visa after the 2 days, please feel free to follow-up with us again.


Oman eVisa Team

Within 24-48 hours you should be able to submit a new application through the account you created for Oman.

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