About Russia Business Invitations


To travel to Russia for business purposes most travelers need to be invited by a Russian based company.


Company Invite:

If you have a business contact in Russia they can provide you with a company invitation. Please refer to the template on our site, this has the most current requirements for company invitation letters. Complete the template and send it to your contact in Russia. The need to provide you with an English and Russian translation of the letter. The letter must be printed on their company letterhead, signed, stamped and emailed back to you.

Eligibility: Only US passport holders, and Schengen region passport holders can use an invite from a Russian based company. 


Foreign Ministry Invite:

If you are not eligible for a company invitation you need to acquire a Foreign Ministry Invitation from the Russian Government. Visa duration and number of entries a traveler is eligible for is based on passport nationality. 

Peninsula Visa can order a Foreign Ministry Invitation invitation on a travelers behalf, but be advised it is it's own processing time and fee separate from the visa. 

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