Photo specifications for using Peninsula Visa's photo service.

When submitting a digital photo for us please insure your photo meets the following specifications: 

1. Please insure that the photo is not cropped too closely. We will crop the photo to the right requirements for you. 

2. You must submit a high quality photograph. 

3. Selfies are not allowed, please ask someone to take your photo or use a photo timer. 

4. Make sure you are 100% forward facing. 

5. No filters or editing allowed. 

6. Remove your glasses. 


Here are some examples of an ideal photo:





Here are some examples of unacceptable photos

This Photo is too close: 


This photo is too low quality:


No selfies and no filters and no glasses: 


You must stand up straight and be 100% forward facing. No silly faces or poses: 



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