What are the different types of visa validities for Gabon?

Standard Visa:

US Nationals and other Nationals can request either single or multiple entries for a stay up to 90 days. This applies to short-term visitors for tourism and business purposes.


E-Visas are granted for these durations:

  1. For one month, two months and three months for single entry
  2. For six (6) months for multiple entries

The E-Visa, as for other visas issued by the Gabonese Republic may be extended by going to the visa department of the Directorate General of Documentation and Immigration (DGDI) in Libreville, under the following conditions:

  • A visa of one (1) months may be extended for two (2) months
  • A visa of two (2) months may be extended for one (1) months
  • A visa of three (3) months is not extended
  • A visa of six (6) months is not extended


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