What is required for an Ethiopian Investment eVisa?

Investment Visa - IV

This is a visa issued to foreign Nationals who are engaged in investment activities. It can also be issued to potential investors who wish to come and invest in Ethiopia.


  • Recent passport-size photo and passport copy of the traveler which has at least 6 months validity from the date of entry are mandatory.

Additionally, if the traveler is coming to invest or see investment opportunities in Ethiopia for the first time, the requirement is:

  • A support letter( a proof that you are traveling for investment purpose) from the nearest Embassy of Ethiopia.

If the traveler is invited by a company that has been involved in investment activities in Ethiopia, the requirements are:

  • Official application letter written by the inviting company addressed to the Main Department for Immigration and Nationality Affairs of Ethiopia.
  • Business License of the inviting company.
  • Support Letter from Investment Commission of Ethiopia.

Processing Time

Under normal circumstances, the processing time for tourist visa is 3 days. So, travelers should submit their application at least 3 days before their estimated date of arrival

Duration and Validity

The Validity of the Visa starts counting from the date intended to Enter Ethiopia Travelers can request for extension before the visa expires by going in person to the Head Office of The Main Department for Immigration and Nationality Affairs (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia).


Entry Type Maximum Duration Visa Fee (in USD)
Single Entry 30 days 32
Multiple Entry 90 days 42
Multiple Entry 6 months 62
Multiple Entry 12 months 122

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