I applied for Global Entry over 15 months ago and still have not received a response? Can I reapply for Global Entry?


Applying for your Global Entry membership is a great advantage in your travels. The application process may take a few months, but it is well worth the wait.

On average you can expect your Global Entry application to be processed within 6 months (please note that processing times vary by applicant). If your application status is "Pending Review" then your application has been received and is being processed. The vetting process cannot be expedited. 

Please DO NOT submit a new application as you will be liable for any additional fees incurred per the non-refundable terms and conditions you agree to prior to making payment. You can check the status of your application from your TTP Website dashboard, which is displayed after you login. 

After the application has been reviewed, the status will be updated to either "Conditionally Approved" or "Denied" and a letter will be posted in your TTP account with additional information.  This letter can be found under Notifications on the Dashboard.

If conditionally approved, you will receive a notification to schedule your interview. It is important that you complete your interview within 365 days of conditional approval.  Failure to schedule an interview in that timeframe will cancel your application and you will need to pay again and reapply if you still wish to be a member. 


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