How to Place an eVisa Order

About Placing an Order for an Electronic Visa

Prior to starting, please make sure you've gathered the necessary documents. Typically, eVisa applications will require a scan of the data page of your passport and separate passport photo on a white background.


Corporate Customers

For corporate customers, please make sure to use your work email address when placing an order, as account specific information will be applied prior to submitting payment.


Placing an Order for an Electronic Visa

  1. Visit our website and click Get an eVisa.
  2. Select the country for which you need an eVisa.
  3. Select the type of eVisa that you need.
  4. Review the information in Section 1. Service Options.
  5. Complete the information in Section 2. Application Questionnaire.
  6. Upload the required items in Section 3. Document Upload
  7. Follow the steps in Section 4. Enter Payment Information and click Place Order. 


What happens when I click Place Order?

Once your order has been placed, you will immediately receive an email confirmation along with an itemized receipt. Also, your card is charged at the time of placing an order.


What happens if I made a mistake?

In the event you realized a mistake has been made, please reply to the email confirmation you received with the necessary updated.


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