How to Order a Russia Tourist Voucher

When applying for a Russia Tourist Visa, you must provide an official voucher and confirmation, also known as Tourist Visa Support. 

This is essentially a two part document containing both the "Voucher" and  the "Confirmation" with a unique number and the "Reference Number" of the duly authorized Russian Travel Company or Hotel that issues it.

The easiest way to obtain Russia Tourist Visa Support:

  • Ordering the tourist voucher and confirmation for an additional fee through Peninsula Visa by clicking here 
  •  You may also contact the hotel you are staying at and have them email or fax the documents to you. The company providing these documents should be duly registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and assigned a special reference number indicated on the Voucher / Confirmation. You must know the name, in English, of the company issuing the voucher as this information must be entered when completing your Russian Visa Application.

It is important to note when applying on your own, if you are planning to  stay in multiple hotels, you will require separate Tourist Visa Support (Confirmation / Voucher) from each hotel. They must account for your ENTIRE length of stay in the Russian Federation from initial entry date to final exit date.

If you are a United States citizen and are applying for the 3 year multiple entry TOURIST visa, you simply apply as though you are requesting a single entry Tourist Visa Support. The maximum stay is 30 days per visit . The actual adjustment to a 3 year visa will be done on your Russian Gov't Visa application.

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