How do I apply for a visa to Canada?

Peninsula Visa is only able to assist applicants whom hold a US Permanent Resident card, also know as a green card. If you are a permanent resident of the US and would like to apply for your Canada ETA click here to get started.

  • For applicants that are not permanent residents, please check the Canadian Consulate's website for visa requirements and application process.

Guidelines of visa process 

You can apply online or through a paper application for visitor visa for Canada.Determine your eligibility  before starting  your application.

Option 1: Apply online for  a visa 

To apply online you must have access to a scanner or camera to create electronic copies of your documents for uploading and have a valid credit card for payment.If you provide an email address on your application, please ensure you check it regularly for automated emails from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) regarding your case. 

Option 2: Apply on paper 

If you have a valid study or work permit and are planning to leave and return to Canada, you can apply for a new visitor visa before you leave Canada.Get the application package ready, pay your application fee and mail the package to location where application will be processed .

If you need to give biometrics (fingerprints and photograph), and you are applying on paper, don’t mail in your application. Submit your application in person

Please check the consulate website for details and call them for any questions and concerns.






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