What is this "second passport letter" and explanation letter?



Applying for a Second (Limited)Passport Book


If you have a valid U.S. passport and you meet several additional requirements, you may be eligible to apply for a second U.S. passport book. In limited circumstances, we will issue a limited-validity, second passport book to you which will be valid for up to four years. It will have a different number than that of your primary 10 year passport.

Examples of cases when the US Dept of State may issue second U.S. passport books include:

  • A foreign country will deny a visa or entry to you because your passport has stamps showing travel to certain countries. Example: an Israeli entry or exit stamp in some countries in the Middle East. 
  • You need multiple visas on an ongoing basis because of frequent international travel. Example: you work for an international airline or a multinational company
  • You need a U.S. passport for urgent international travel but your application for a foreign visa is delayed or cannot be processed in time for your travel. 
  • When you need a special validation for travel to a restricted country or area.

The "Second Passport Letter" is geared for the business traveler only, and must be generated on official company stationery and signed by a company officer or the traveler's immediate manager / supervisor. The original is required for submission. Please click here to view our template

The "Explanation Letter" is actually a template designed by the US Dept of State and is a mandatory requirement in this type of passport application process. It is to be completed by hand and signed only by the applicant. The original is required for submission. Please click here for the template

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