What is US Passport mail-in expedite service?


From October 5 2020, Peninsula Visa is now offering expedited Passport services by mail with an estimated processing time of 4-6 weeks.

Due to Covid 19 restrictions, this is the fastest US Passport processing time that is currently available unless there is a life or death emergency.

Until these restrictions are lifted, Peninsula Visa cannot hand deliver applications to Regional Passport Centers. All applications will be submitted by mail to the US Passport processing center in Philadelphia. 


Why expedite by mail with Peninsula Visa?

  • Documents are verified prior to submission
    Prior to submitting your documents, we will ensure they are in order and correct, preventing delays and costly mistakes.

  • Secure overnight submission
    We will ensure your documents are sent correctly and securely to the U.S. Passport Office for processing, eliminating shipping errors.

  • Continuous monitoring of your application
    Once your documents are submitted to the Passport Office, we will monitor the status of your application and notify you when your passport has been shipped.

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