Why do some countries even require a visa as an entry requirement while others do not?



There is no legal right to a visa from any foreign government.

Also, having a valid visa is not always an automatic guarantee of entry into a given country. The Immigration Authorities and the point of entry always have the final decision whether or not a traveler is admissible.

A country's visa requirements are usually dictated by economical, socio-political and reciprocal relationships between  two countries, that is, the traveler's country and the destination country. A Visa allows the visitor to enter and remain in that country legally for the period of time and purpose stated on the Visa. Visas may be issued for tourism, family visits, business visits, transit, work, medical reasons, journalism, conferences and even permanent residence.

Any sovereign nation has the right to establish their own Visa requirements and categories of visas. As a traveler, there is no legal right to a visa. They are issued solely at a Consulate or Embassy's discretion and they also reserve the right to ask for more than their normal posted requirements if deemed necessary.





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