Mar 11, 2020 Information regarding Russia travel-related news, regulations and restrictions in regards to the Coronavirus outbreak


Current travel restrictions for entering Russia:

Passengers, arriving to Moscow from the following countries: China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, France, Germany, Spain are subject to 2-week self-isolation.
(On March 6th, local and international media in Moscow reported 'An update' that included travelers from the USA, Britain, Norway, and Switzerland to the quarantine list -- restrictions that Moscow City Government removed the following day.)

Currently there are 20 confirmed infections of Coronavirus in Russia (2 Chinese nationals, 1 Italian and 17 Russians). Three persons have been successfully treated.

Russian coronavirus-related FAQ

- If my flight to Moscow originates in the USA, but I transit (change planes) in one of the 7 countries mentioned for self-isolation, would that mean that I also need to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival?
- Not if you simply changed planes and did not leave the airport/passport control or have a lay-over in that city.

- If I had traveled to one of the quarantined countries recently, what period of time should it have passed for me to arrive to Moscow and not be quarantined?
- 14 days.

- Is this regulation only enforced on those arriving by airplane?
- No, other means of transportation, too. However, we do not know whether it is enforced at the border (for international train service) or upon arrival into Moscow or if it's enforced at all.

- What can I do, if I am travelling from one of the quaranteened countries, and need to get to Moscow, but do not want to be self-isolated for 14 days?
- You can choose to fly to a different airport, like St.Petersburg, for example. From there, you can take a local flight (1 hour) or take a fast train (4-6 hours) into Moscow. You should not be passing through official checks then, and self-isolation will be up to you.

- Are there any restrictions in Russia internally in connection with the coronavirus outbreak?
- There are no known restrictions in Russia, other than self-isolation for travelers from certain countries. Muscovites are advised not to use public transportation during peak hours to avoid crowds (although that seems to be impossible to follow), wash hands often and wear protective masks.

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