I will be sworn in as a United States citizen very soon. Will I be able to apply for a US Passport at the Oath Ceremony?




Once you are sworn in as a new US citizen, you will receive a very important document known as  your "Certificate of Naturalization". This is your sole evidence of your newly acquired  US citizenship and will be the necessary proof of citizenship when applying for your first time US Passport.

             сertificate naturalization  

You may be presented the option at the end of the Oath Ceremony of applying for a new US Passport.    You will not receive a U.S. passport on the day of your swearing-in ceremony but in some places, if you plan ahead and also leave yourself some time at the end of the ceremony to stand in a long line, you might be able to apply for one. Find out whether the U.S. State Department will be providing staff to accept passport applications at your swearing-in ceremony.  You can expect to wait for  6-8 weeks to receive your new US Passport.

What if I need my passport sooner than that? 

 We at Peninsula Visa are a fee based privately owned Passport and Visa Expediting Service with over 45 years experience. We are an accredited registered service provider with the US Dept of State. Once some initial steps have been taken  on your part, we can obtain the passport for you in anywhere from 2 to 10 business days depending upon your urgency. Proof of travel is required.

Please visit us at www.peninsulavisa.com  for complete instructions to  see how we can help to obtain your first time US Passport!                                



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