I need to renew my Passport . I also have a Passport Card that has been lost. How do I apply?


If you have lost your US Passport Card, and need to renew your US Passport Book, you must apply on forms DS-11 and DS-64. Submit your current US Passport Book as proof of your US citizenship.

You may or may not apply for a new Passport Card in the same application at that time.

The Department of State's online Passport Application System will automatically generate the correct forms based upon how the questions are answered in regard to any lost passport book or passport card.


If you state you have been issued the Passport Card, and are unable to submit it, you will not be eligible for Form DS-82  which  requires no personal appearance on your part. You must file on forms DS-11 and DS-64 and make a personal appearance at a local US Passport Acceptance Facility (this is usually is a designated US Post Office or County Clerk) prior to sending your documents to Peninsula Visa.

Note: A complete nationwide list of facilities may be found here: https://iafdb.travel.state.gov/

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