I am a dual citizen of Russia and USA. Can I travel to Russia with my expired Russia passport and valid US passport ?


No. You need to renew your Russia passport and then enter Russia with the new Russia passport. 

Attention Russian citizens with dual-citizenship!

Please be aware that in accordance with Article 6 of Federal Law № 114-ФЗ “On exiting and entering the Russian Federation”, effective as of 15 August, 1996, states that, “Russian citizens may exit and enter the territory of the Russian Federation only with valid documentation that confirms their identity as a Russian citizen abroad.”

Likewise, Paragraph 1, Article 6 of Federal Law № 62-ФЗ “On citizenship of the Russian Federation”, effective as of 31 May, 2002 states that, “Russian citizens who have obtained citizenship of another country, are regarded only as Russian citizens by the Russian government, except for in cases in which international agreements made by the Russian Federation or federal laws supercede that. The attainment of citizenship from a foreign government does not automatically relinquish one's Russian citizenship.     

Thus, it is against the law for Russian citizens to obtain a visa using a foreign passport!

You can check the details to obtain a Russia passport by clicking here Russia Passport Renewal Information

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