What is a tourist voucher for Russia?


The Russian Tourist Voucher is a formal document required to get a Russian tourist visa. The Russian tourist voucher is also known as a Russian tourist invitation. As per Russian consulate rules the required document is a two part document called "Tourist voucher" and "Tourist confirmation document stamped and signed by authorized person" (or tourist confirmation).
How to obtain the Russian Tourist voucher
  • Order the tourist voucher and confirmation for an additional fee through Peninsula Visa by clicking here or;
  • Contact the hotel where you are staying and ask them to email or fax the document to you. The hotel will outsource the creation of this document to a third party tourist company. The company providing these documents should be duly registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and assigned a special reference number indicated on the "Confirmation Letter." The hotel must advise you of the name, in English, of the tourist company issuing the voucher for you. You will be required to enter their name on your application form.voucher.jpg
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