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I have been fortunate enough to be part of the Peninsula Visa team since January 2016. I was originally brought on board in the San Jose office as a Client Support Agent, however I quickly helped to develop a new role in our company and spent the rest of my time in the San Jose office as the Inbound Coordinator. Once the passports and visas were back in our office, it was up to me to get them to the right place. No pressure ;)

In early 2017, an opportunity presented itself for my two daughters and me to move our lives to Portland, OR, and so I took it and made the move. With that move I transitioned to being a remote agent with PV, assisting clients through the Live Chat feature of our site. With this change came an expanded knowledge of our company, as well as the many details of travel to various countries. 

While still being on the other end of our Live Chat, I have expanded my duties beyond that and am currently working as the Director of Portland Operations, meeting with our clients here and paving the way for Peninsula Visa's growth in the upcoming years. I couldn't be more grateful for this job, and I never thought I could genuinely say that I love my job and the work that I do, but I can now without a doubt (no one's paying me to say that, I promise). 

I strongly believe in doing whatever is in my capacity to help those around me, whether it be with work or my personal life. Honesty and communication are key, and I bring those values straight to the workplace. I strive to make your experience with Peninsula Visa a personal one, and make sure you don't feel like just another passport coming through. 

When I'm not helping people travel around the world, my time is spent with my two daughters, and my two fur babies, Jezebel and Elvira. In the rare quiet time I have, you can often find me on my couch watching The Office incessantly,, no that's about it. I just watch The Office a lot. 

I look forward to having the opportunity to help you and (hopefully anyone you know!) with your travel needs. Trust me, I know that all of this can be incredibly confusing and tedious, but it's my job to help you get through it with minimal stress, sweat, and tears!

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