Why do I need to provide proof of travel for a passport service?


Proof of travel is required for all expedited passport services. The passport office requires an itinerary to support their expedited processing. Since we are submitting on your behalf, we have to provide the passport office with an itinerary.

Proof of International Travel is most commonly submitted in the form of an airline itinerary, or photocopy of a plane ticket in the passport applicant's name. This is the preferred form of proof of travel by the United States Department of State.

It does not have to be a confirmed ticket - you can create one on any travel website, and provide an online print out of a roundtrip ticket/itinerary.

If you do not have a booked flight, you can provide a letter on your business letterhead, addressed to the US Department of State, detailing your upcoming international business travel dates. This letter can be either signed by your employer, or by you, and be emailed. You can download a letter template by clicking here.

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