What is an L1 visa?


L1 Visa


The L1 visa refers to the transferring of someone from a foreign country to the United States who works in an exclusive, managerial or a specialized field for employment purposes. With L1 visa, the foreign employee is being transferred from one office to another office in the United States with the same employer, but a different branch or affiliate of the company that employed them.


With the L1 visa, if the foreign worker has a spouse or minor children (someone younger than 21 years of age), they are permitted to have the L2 visa for family members. The person who has the L1 visa is referred to as an “intracompany transferee”.


Although the L1 visa was originally created for giant, international corporations to transfer their foreign employees to United States, this visa can now be used by smaller businesses and startups. Foreign workers from any country are eligible for the L1 visa so long as they meet and comply with all of the visa requirements. It is very common for companies in the United States to recruit temp workers with a unique set of skills. 




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