What visa is needed for the World Cup in Russia?


Will I need a visa?

Russia will allow Foreign passport holders to travel to Russia between 06/14/2018 and 07/15/2018 as spectators to the 2018 FIFA World Cup without a visa. However, foreign travelers will require a valid passport and Fan ID (Also known as a Personalized card of the spectator).


An example of a 2018 FIFA World Cup Fan ID

Is a Fan ID mandatory? 

Yes, all FIFA World Cup 2018 ticket holders will be required to obtain a Fan ID. If you are traveling in a group, each member of your party must obtain their own Fan ID, including children.


What is required to register for a Fan ID?

In order to apply for a Fan ID, you must have already purchased your FIFA World CUP 2018 ticket and received your confirmation number. Buy your match ticket at http://tickets.fifa.com/

According to the Fan-ID website, This is what their application consists of: 

- Your full name as it appears in your passport
- Date of birth
- Sex
- Passport details
- Nationality
- Ticket request number or a 2018 FIFA World Cup™ match ticket number
- A photograph (Digitally uploaded)
- Mobile phone number
- E-mail address
- Mailing address for FAN ID delivery

Please click here to register for a Fan ID. 


How will I receive my Fan ID?

When applying registering your Fan ID, you must select "By mail" as your delivery method. This is extremely important as you will not be able to enter Russia without your Fan ID. 


I have tickets to multiple matches, will I need to apply for multiple Fan IDs? 

No, you will need only one Fan ID for visa free travel, Stadium access and free public transportation on match days. 


More information can be found on:

The Russian Embassy website


Fan ID website 





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