About the Brazil eVisa


Traveler's have the ability to apply for an Electronic Visa (eVisa). The individual is authorized to enter Brazil multiple times over a period of 2 years. Each visit must not exceed 90 days.

The eVisa application can be completed via online using VFS Global's web application. (Please see "How To Complete a Brazil ETA" article for more details.) Applicants also have the ability to request an eVisa at their respective Brazil consulate.

Once eVisa has been granted it must be printed out and presented to airline agent upon travel. The eVisa can not be treated as an "emergency visa." In a state of emergency traveler must visit consulate to obtain an "ordinary visa." Brazil does not offer the visa on arrival option.



Entry into the country using an eVisa is only granted to US, Canadian and Japanese citizens. All other foreigners are welcomed to visit, although they must apply for an ordinary visa through the consulate.



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  • Yes installation work is permitted on a valid business eVisa. Based on the Department of Foreign Ministries' discretion they will either grand multiple entries for 90 days or multiple entries for 180 days.

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