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If you will be applying for a First Time Adult Passport, Replacement for a Lost or Damaged Passport, or a Minor Passport (age 15 or younger), you will have to visit to an Acceptance Office once the required documents have been gathered from our site.

A little surprised with this first step? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! As much as we wish we could execute this first step, it must be done at a government approved acceptance office. Many travelers are unaware of this requirement, so I’m here to try to make it as painless as possible!


What is an acceptance office?

  • An acceptance office is a post office, county clerk’s office, and some libraries that are designated to accept passport applications on the government’s behalf.


How do I find an acceptance office near me?

  • With over 8000 acceptance offices around the country, there’s sure to be one right near you! Not sure how to find one? It’s simple! Go here https://iafdb.travel.state.gov/DefaultForm.aspx and enter your zip code and the search radius. You’ll get a list of offices near you, with the full address and phone number.


Can I just walk into the acceptance office or do I need an appointment?

  • Each acceptance office is going to be different. With the list that you got by entering your zip code, you can give each office a call and find out the specifics from them.


I’m having a hard time finding an office that can take walk-in’s, and appointments are booked out by weeks (sometimes months!). What should I do?

  • Passports are in high demand, and most acceptance offices can only take so many travelers per day. If you live in a highly populated area, and you’re having a difficult time finding an acceptance office nearby to visit, try expanding your search radius out a bit. It may be more of a drive, but you’ll most likely be able to get this step out of the way sooner!


What do I bring to the acceptance office?

This is probably the most important part, so make sure you’re paying attention, there will be a test! (Kidding, there won’t be a test, but you should make sure you’re reading all of this).

  • The documents you must provide will vary by which service you are processing: New/First Time Adult Passport, Passport for Minor (15 or younger), or a Lost/Stolen/Mutilated Passport replacement. In order to find the proper list of required documents, please go here: https://peninsulavisa.com/passport.php, make the appropriate selections from the drop down menus, and expand Step 2. Gather Required Documents.
  • You’ll want to make sure ALL listed required documents are completed properly. Before visiting the acceptance office please make a photocopy of all documents to submit to Peninsula Visa outside of the sealed envelope. This allows us to do one more scan of the documents before submitting them to the passport office.


Who needs to appear at the acceptance office?

  • The applicant themselves must make this appearance, they are not able to send someone in their place to complete this step. The agent at the acceptance office will need to confirm the applicant’s identity.
  • In the case of a Minor Passport processing, the minor and and both parents (if applicable) must be present at the acceptance office in order to obtain the sealed envelope.
    If only one parent can appear, a DS-3053 Special Circumstances form must be completed and notarized.


I have obtained the sealed envelope. Now what?

  • First of all, give a little “woo-hoo!”, the most tedious part of this process is done! After the celebration has died down, you will want to submit that sealed envelope to Peninsula Visa within 2 business days. You are able to do this by bringing it to our office directly, scheduling a courier pick up from your company (if applicable), or sending it to us via FedEx.
    Also, be sure not to open this envelope for any reason! If the government seal has been broken, you will need to repeat this process. And that just wouldn’t be fun.

  • Please be sure you have placed your order with us either through our website or over the phone.


You did it! Should you have any questions along the way don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help! 


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