China Visa Application Guide



The applicant should fill in this form truthfully ,completely and clearly. Please type the answer in capital English letters in the space provided or tick (√) the relevant box to select. If some of the items do not apply, please type N/A or None.


Part 1: Personal Information

1.1 —Must provide your full name as shown in your Passport. 

1.2 —If given a Chinese name by birth, provide in Chinese characters. 

1.3 —Provide any other legal name(s).

1.4 —Select corresponding gender.

1.5 —Enter date of birth in the following format (yyyy-mm-dd)

1.6 —Enter all current nationalities.

1.7 —Enter any previous nationalities held.

1.8 —Enter the City, State and Country of birth.

1.9 —Provide your Citizenship number given by your country of nationality if applicable or your current state Identification or Drivers License number. 

1.10 —Select the type of Passport or Travel document you will be using. 

1.11 —Enter current valid passport number. 

1.12 —Enter the date of issue of your current valid passport as (yyyy-mm-dd)

1.13 —Provide the place of issue of your passport as indicated on the information page of the passport. 

1.14 —Enter the expiry date of your current valid passport in the following format(yyyy-mm-dd)

1.15 —Check your current occupation, if not listed select "Other" and specify in the provided space. 

1.16 —Check your current Education and specify if applicable. 

1.17 —Provide current Employer information; must include of Company Name, phone number, street address, city, state and zip code. 

1.18 —Provide your home address in the following form; street address (apartment number if applicable), city and state. 

1.19 —Provide your home postal code. 

1.20 —Provide your home phone number or mobile number. 

1.21 —Enter your personal or organization e-mail.  Organization e-mail may be provided by your employer, school or other organization you work with.

1.22 —Select applicable marital status, if selecting "Other" specify in the provided space. 

1.23 —Provide the names and information of immediate family members, you MUST provide at least one family member. 

1.24—Provide Emergency contact Information.

1.25—Country or territory where the applicant is located when applying for this visa.


Part 2: Service  Requested and  Hotel Accommodations.

2.1 — If traveling for business select Business & Trade  , if you are going as a Tourist please  select Tourism.

2.2— Intended number of entries Single or Multiple.

2.3— If you are applying for the express service of 2 days Select Yes. If not select no.

2.4— Expected date of your first entry into China on this trip (yyyy-mm-dd)

2.5—Longest intended stay in China among all entries (Number of days you will be in China)

2.6— Provide Full name of hotel , full address including zip code. Use all lines necessary to capture the whole address with hotel name.

2.7—Who will pay for your travel and expenses during your stay in China , Correct answers to that question are Myself or Company name.

2.8— If you are not going for Business input "N/A" in this section. But if you are traveling for Business you need to provide Information of  the inviter in China and it must match all the information in the invitation letter.

2.9  If you have been  granted a Chinese visa , If applicable, please specify the date and place of the last time you were granted the visa.

2.10— Provide other countries or territories you visited in the last 12 months.


Part 3: Travelers Personal Questionnaire

 3.1— Have you ever overstayed your visa or residence permit in China? Yes/No

3.2— Have you ever been refused a visa for China, or been refused entry into China? Yes/No

3.3—Do you have any criminal record in China or any other country?Yes/No

3.4— Are you experiencing any of the following conditions? Serious mental disorder , infectious pulmonary tuberculosis  Other infectious disease of public health hazards Yes/No

3.5— Did you visit countries or territories affected by infectious diseases in the last 30 days?Yes/No

3.6— If you select Yes to any questions from 3.1 to 3.5, please give details below. If not applicable "N/A".


Part 4: Date and Signature

4.3 —  On the last page only date and signature are required.


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