What passport service do I select?


Passport Renewal

  • To apply for a passport renewal you must be able to submit your most recent 10-year adult U.S. passport, which must be undamaged and issued within the past 15 years. Child passports cannot be renewed.

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New Passport

  • To apply for a new passport you must be at least 16 years old and have never had a U.S. passport, or your previous passport has been expired for more than 5 years. If the applicant is younger than 16 you must apply for a child passport.

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Minor Passport

  • To apply for a child’s passport the applicant must be 15 years old or younger. If the applicant is 16 or older they must apply for a new passport. All travelers require a passport to travel internationally, including infants.

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Name Change

  • To apply for a name change passport you must be in possession of your current passport and you must provide legal documentation of your name change. If you do not have your current passport you must apply for a new passport along with proper name change documentation.

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Second Passport

  • To apply for second passport you must be in possession of your current 10-year passport. Second passports are valid for 4 years and are ideal for frequent travelers who often apply for travel visas and visit countries with restrictive entry requirements.

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Lost Passport

  • Applying for a lost passport replacement is similar to applying for a new passport, but you must report the loss of your passport with an extra form that we provide. Applicants should replace their lost passport as soon as possible to protect their identity.

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Damaged Passport

  • To apply for a damaged passport replacement you must be in possession of the damaged passport. What constitutes damaged? Passports with significant tears, page separation, holes, altered in physical appearance or composition are considered damaged.

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