Submission Policy


About the Procedure

Peninsula Visa will provide you with accurate information to ensure that you obtain the visa for your trip for the date required in a timely manner. Nevertheless, all requirements to obtain the visa (documentation, fees, time frames, etc) are calculated based on general criteria and can vary according to information provided by you, such as current or previous nationality, residence, gender, age, profession, recent travel, religion etc.

The issuing authority may change general country requirements without notice or require additional specific information from you. In the event this occurs, Peninsula Visa will immediately inform you of such changes.


About the Submission

To ensure that you know where your documents are at all times, you will be sent an e-mail confirming the receipt of your documents when it reaches our offices.

Peninsula Visa will only process the visa(s) indicated in your request; it assumes no responsibility for other visas required for your trip that have not been requested or which relate to stops on your trip.
Upon receipt of your documentation, your requests will be validated and Peninsula Visa shall commence the procedures to obtain the visa(s). Peninsula Visa reserves the right to refuse in its total discretion to handle any application at any time and no reason need be given.

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