About the India eVisa


When applying for an India business or tourist visa, most applicants have the option of applying for either an electronic or paper visa. This article will detail the pros and cons of both.

While the India government titles the India eVisa, "e-TOURIST Visa" the electronic visa is valid for both business and tourist travel.
The India eVisa is not valid for cruise ship passengers.


Difference Between the India eVisa and Paper Visa


  Electronic Visa Paper Visa


  • Simplified process
  • Don't have to submit physical documents
  • Shorter processing time
  • Valid for both casual business and tourism


  • Can obtain multiple entries
  • Actual visa placed inside your passport

Electronic Visa

Paper Visa


  • Visa is valid for only a single entry
  • Can only apply twice per year
  • Not eligible for all nationalities


  • Document intensive
  • Must submit actual passport
  • Much lengthier processing times

Electronic Visa

Paper Visa


  • If you will only be traveling to India for a business meeting or one time tourism trip, the eVisa is the way to go.


  • If India will be a frequent destination within the same year, the paper visa is your best option.
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