About Passport Acceptance Offices


When applying for a US passport for the:

  • first-time; or
  • if your passport is lost, stolen, damaged; or
  • if it's more than 15 years from when it was issued; or
  • if you were under 15 years of age when the passport was issued;

you must first appear at an acceptance office, submit your documents and obtain what is called a, "sealed package".

When appearing, present your documents to the Acceptance Officer. They will verify your identity and documentation, put your documents into an envelope, seal it, and hand it back to you. That sealed package then needs to be sent to Peninsula Visa for expediting.


Locating an Acceptance Office

The US Department of State provides a widget you can use to search for acceptance facilities within your area, which in most cases, are US Post Offices. To locate an acceptance office within your area click here.

In the event you're unable to obtain an appointment within your area, we recommend broadening your search until you can locate a facility that has available appointments.

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